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Special Session (Call for papers)

2021-03-31 07:23
Special Session: Management Geography – An Euro-Asia Management Perspective

Conveners: Rolf D. Schlunze (siemrolf@hotmail.co.jp) with Lech Suwala (TU Berlin)

Management geography is a new subfield of economic geography that focuses on the nexus of managerial decision-making and practices in a globalizing corporate world. The objective is to analyze the management of economic, social, and cognitive spatial realms in multi-scalar configurations that influence corporate performance through concentration, interaction, and/or perception. New methodologies have been developed to analyze the socio-economic and cognitive spatial behavior of managerial subjects.

From a management geography perspective, we wish to show that the nexus of managerial practices are created in interconnected locations within global production networks (GPNs). Where do managerial subjects and global talents concentrate that take the challenges in the global economy pro-actively? How does Euro-Asia management influence and transform innovative spaces around the world? How do managerial subjects embed their decision-making locally and globally? What builds up the mindscape of managerial leaders in Europe? Can we expect that European and Asian management will perform the necessary business ethics and contribute to the needed changes in the global economy? The research group ManGeo welcomes submissions in the following issues:

  1. Theorizing or critically discussing management practices in geographic space using approaches related to Cross-cultural management and communication, Business ethics, International human resource management (IHRM), Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Corporate governance, Communities of practice (COPs), innovative practices in manufacturing and/or services, global production networks (GPNs) and networking of managerial subjects.

  2. Propose new methodologies for investigating managerial mobility, practices, preferences, networking and decision-making in private and governmental organizations transforming spaces of international economy and management advancing qualitative studies and/or mixed methods.

  3. Provide empirical evidence on all kind of management issues including knowledge transfer and management as well as localizing and globalizing practices. In particular, studies that focus on managerial embeddedness, CSR, COPs, GPNs and strategic coupling of transnational firms including family businesses are welcome. iv. Deepening our understanding on the increasing spatial and managerial divide by financial and geopolitical power relations. Develop implications for the need of building international social capital in diverse city locations around the world. We are eager to promote a critical cross-cultural management perspective different from mainstream research in common management and geography journals.

We are planning to host our special session at the 37th EAMSA Conference entitled Europe-Asia Trade & Investments: Does distance matter? hosted by the University of Łódź, Poland on October, 20-23, 2021. Find more information about the EAMSA conference in general at URL http://www.eamsa2021.uni.lodz.pl. and/or contact the conveners by e-mail. Please submit your abstract by 13. July 2021 through this EAMSA website.



Schlunze, Rolf D., Nathaniel O. Agola and William W. Baber (eds), Spaces of International Economy and Management:

Launching New Perspectives on Management and Geography, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.

Taira, Atsushi and Rolf D. Schlunze (eds), Management Geography – An Asian Perspective. (forthcoming)
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