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Monday 22 Oct 2018
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Conference proceedings

Members have access to past conference proceedings upon request.

EAMSA members database

This online resource enables members to keep in touch with colleagues and develop research cooperation and networks.

Asian Business & Management Journal (ABM)

All EAMSA members receive a subscription to ABM (five issues per annum including delivery). For submissions to the ABM journal's regular issues click here.

ABM Online Archive

Members have full access to the archive of Asian Business & Management articles online.

ABM Scope

Currently the leading journals in the field deal with Asia by looking in from the outside. In contrast, ABM creates a new forum for the scholarly community by focusing upon Asia and by encouraging the interaction of Asian academics and those from beyond the region.

Just as importantly, and unlike other journals, ABM seeks to encourage the awareness of social issues in the study of business and management in Asia. ABM focuses on East Asia but also covers South Asia. The journal will cover aspects of Asian business management located beyond the region, as in Asian businesses in North America and Europe, and also aspects of foreign management practice within Asia. ABM will explore Asian business and management via theoretical and empirical research. Both specific cases and broad trends are examined in the search for a new paradigm in the study of Asian business and management in the 21st century. ABM seeks to raise awareness of the links and interactions between business/ management and global issues such as peace/democracy, political economy, culture/ethics, the environment, legislation, gender, labour movements and community. ABM publishes studies of one country and broader comparative studies. Aspects of Asian business and management located beyond the region and of foreign management within Asia are also covered.

For more details on ABM please refer to the journal’s website at Palgrave MacMillan (

ABM Review

"In its present form, ABM provides a good opportunity for Asia-based academics requiring international attention, and a source for those who want to upgrade their level of background information on Asian management."

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