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Monday 22 Oct 2018
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Conference programmes

Duisburg-Essen Conference 2013
Innovation in Asia and Europe: Approaches and Answers to New Challanges

Singapore Conference 2012
National Cultures, Organizational Cultures, Hybrid Cultures: Concepts, Criticisms, Challenges

Guthenburg Conference 2011
Asian Inward and Outward FDI: New Challenges in the Global Economy

New Delhi Conference 2010
Internationalisation of Services: Opportunities for Europe and Asia

Laussane Conference 2009
Technology, Innovation and Knowledge: An Asian Perspective

Kyoto Conference 2008
Globalisation and CSR in Asia

Leeds Conference 2007
The rise of the Asian Multinational Firm

Seoul Conference 2006
Emerging Economies in Asia and Europe: New Challenges for Competition and Collaboration

Frankfurt (Oder) Conference 2005
The Transfer of Organisational Practices: Enhancing Competitiveness in Asia/Pacific - European Business Relationships

Hong Kong Conference 2004
Harmony v Conflict: Euro-Asian Management in a Turbulent Era

Stockholm Conference 2003
Local Responsiveness versus Global Integration

Bangkok Conference 2002
Competition and Cooperation in Asia and Europe – Corporate and Government Perspectives and Strategies

Berlin Conference 2001
Asia and Europe in the New Global System: Intercultural Cooperation and Competition Scenarios

Singapore Conference 2000
Globalisation and the Uniqueness of Asia

Rotterdam Conference 1999
Economy and Business in Asia: Post-Crisis Perspectives

Taipei Conference 1998
Collaboration Between Europe and Asia

Metz Conference 1997
Asian Firms Looking Towards the Global Market

Tokyo Conference 1996
Management Strategies of Multinational Corporations in Asian Markets

Milano Conference 1995
Political and Economic Relations between Asia and Europe

Kedah Conference 1994

Nuremberg Conference 1993
New Management Concepts and Changing Managerial Roles in Euro-Asia Business

Bradford Conference 1992
Global Competitve Strategies in the World Economy

Fontainebleau Conference 1991
Global Competitiveness of the Asian Firm

Berlin Conference 1990
Managerial Efficiency in Competition and Cooperation

Nagoya Conference 1989
International Business and the Management of Change

Beer Sheva Conference 1988
Employer and Employee in Japan and Europe

Tokyo Conference 1987
Japanese and European Management: Their International Adaptability

Rotterdam Conference 1986
Industrial Cooperation between Europe and Japan

London Conference 1985
Internationalisation of Japanese Business

Berlin Conference 1984
Transfer des japanischen Management systems

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