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Monday 22 Oct 2018
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Forthcoming venue

32nd EAMSA Annual Conference (Year 2015) at University of London, SOAS

▶ Organising Committee:
  - Dr. Ibrahim Abosag – SOAS, University of London (Chair)
  - Dr. Axele Giroud – University of Manchester (Co-Chair)
  - Professor Christine Oughton – SOAS, University of London
  - Professor Pervez Ghuari – King’s College London
  - Dr. Yoshikatsu Shinozawa – SOAS, University of London
  - Mr. Matthew Jagger – SOAS, University of London (Conference Administration)

Sub-Themes of the Conference
  - International marketing strategies
  - Cross-cultural marketing
  - Services, B2B & B2C marketing
  - Marketing and cross-cultural research
  - Marketing communication & Consumer behavior
  - Social media, E-marketing and Virtual marketing
  - Innovation in Management in Europe and Asia
  - Internationalization of SMEs in Europe and Asia
  - Challenges facing supply chain management in Europe and Asia
  - Management advancements in the Middle East and other developing Asian economies
  - Multinational firms’ competitiveness in Asia and Europe


33rd EAMSA Annual Conference (Year 2016)

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