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    2015 EAMSA London Conference


Approach and principles

EAMSA holds an annual conference and general meeting, consecutively in Asia and Europe, and normally in October-November.

For a quarter of a century the annual conference has been central to EAMSA as a research and scholarly community. It allows members to network with colleagues, develop research collaboration, exchange information and views, and present, disseminate and test ideas. When feasible, it is also a venue to interface with the non-academic community, including business, government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international organisations, allowing EAMSA to participate in policy space and help set the agenda on Euro-Asian issues.

Organisers of EAMSA conferences abide by a number of principles which define the Association’s approach. Conferences must,
For this reason, all papers submitted are double blind refereed, with reviewers asked to provide clear feedback on how papers can be improved. Author(s) of papers accepted during the review process are expected to revise them for presentation at the conference and publication in the proceedings. To further encourage quality, EAMSA offers a “Best Paper” award in association with Palgrave-Macmillan.
In addition to bearing this in mind during the review process, organisers are required to run workshop sessions where new ideas and theories, proposed research projects preliminary research findings can be put to the test and thrashed out with peers. Intellectually stimulating debate is always encouraged.
EAMSA puts great store by supporting young or new academics to fully realise their research, teaching and other potential. Among other activities, each conference has a PhD track in which Doctoral papers – ranging from research proposals to pre-submission analyses – are presented to a panel of senior scholars for evaluation, comment and discussion, encouragement and suggestions for improvement (both during the PhD sessions and afterwards through, for example, written comments and suggestions).


The EAMSA along with sponsoring institutions offers several awards annually. The award recipients are recognized at the EAMSA annual conference.

In 2003, Palgrave Macmillan kindly agreed to endow an award for the best paper at the EAMSA annual conference. All of the accepted competitive papers are eligible for the award. In addition other awards are made on a regular basis.