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    2015 EAMSA London Conference

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    Welcome to EAMSA

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Mission Statement

mission 1.


Promote research and education in the fields of business and management in Asia and Europe, with special emphasis on international comparisons.


mission 2.

Foster an understanding of the role of international organizations and public policies in all matters related to Euro-Asian business activities.

mission 3.

Encourage the exchange of research results, practical experience, and ideas by organizing conferences, meetings and developing research networks among members and institutions.

mission 4.

Disseminate research results through various channels.


In autumn of 1984 about 30 scholars from Europe and Asia met in Berlin at a conference hosted by the Science Centre Berlin and the East-Asian Institute of the Free University of Berlin to exchange initial research results on Japanese Management Practices and the problems involved in their transfer to Europe. In order to keep the discussion process initiated at this conference going and in order to improve the communication structure and the spread of information and exchange of research results, the Euro-Japanese Management Studies Association (EJMSA) was founded. Since then, the number of researchers and executives from the world of business and administration has grown steadily and they now meet regularly once a year.

Edited by the organizers, the results of conferences have been published or are available on the website.

The first conference in Asia took place at the University of Tokyo in autumn of 1987. The contributions and discussions focused around the topic of “Japanese and European Management: Their International Adaptability”. At this meeting, in which more than 80 researchers participated, the Association was renamed the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA). The reason for renaming the Association was mainly due to the growing interest of members in the whole Asian region and its fast economic development.

The EAMSA today has about 200 members in 30 different countries around the world. Roughly half of the members are from Asian countries. Members include scholars from leading academic institutions as well executives, business consultants, researchers and Ph.D. students. We invite individuals and institutions to join EAMSA.